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Golf Pros Who Know the Sport, Inside & Out

You’re in Florida, the home of great golfing. Expect everything you love about the sport to be just a little better than other places you go. That includes service, of course. Whether you’re a local or you’re just visiting, you’ll want to check out our Pro Shop, too ... because not only do we boast a spectacular golf course, our Pro Shop is fantastic, too.

In our Pro Shop, golfers will find an atmosphere of professionalism marked by a notable passion for golf. Staff members are always eager to talk about the sport they love and the game they can’t get enough of.

The Ultimate in Golf Shopping

Stop by for the latest on gear, apparel, equipment, and tips. You won’t get the usual, bland retail experience, either. Instead, you’ll find dedicated professionals who are geared up and ready to show you what’s new this week.

Wondering what’s trending in golf bags lately? Ask a staff member to show you. Interested in what equipment the pros are using these days to sharpen their game? So are we! Stop by and we’ll show you the latest.

Service That’s Fit for the Stars

We know there are a lot of famous golf courses in Florida, with a lot of celebrity players who demand the ultimate in service. Kissimmee Bay Country Club treats every member like a celebrity, offering white glove service in every aspect of the game.

Book your tee times, ask about caddie services and professional instruction, and of course sign up for a club fitting. Remember: we love the sport just as much as you do, so all our staff are hand-picked professionals. They’re driven by the desire to help you enjoy the sport and play a better game and they’ll go to great lengths to ensure your time at Kissimmee Bay Country Club is well-spent and perfect in every way.

Helping Golfers Improve Their Game in Every Way

Along with the first-class service mentality that you’ll encounter from our pro shop, you’ll also encounter a range of equipment and apparel designed and produced by today’s top brands.

Discover golf apparel that fits your style, whether it’s classic and subdued or trendy and colorful. Either way, you’ll find apparel with sun protection built in, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you comfortable, and a range of other features that help you play your best game.

Learn about high-tech equipment designed by today’s best golf engineers. Putters, drivers, and accessories that allow your true potential to shine through: all here and ready for you to explore.

From the clothing that keeps you cool and dry to the latest putter that helps lower your score, it’s all here… and if you don’t find it here, talk to our helpful, friendly staff and they can find it for you. Whatever it takes, we’re here to ensure your ultimate enjoyment of the game you love.

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